Surfaces for gyms and halls

Elastic, slipp resistant, fire resistant, moisture resistant polyurethane surface provides multi – purpose use and requires simple maintenance. It is suitable for schools, sport clubs, municipalities and have sport and socio – cultural use as well.

Sport surfaces for halls CONIPUR HG


  • momolitic surface
  • reduction of forces – point and area
  • high resistance against wear
  • easy maintenance
  • anti – slip protection
  • vide variety of colors
  • certification of national and international sport federations

Reconstruction of school gyms

Nowadays, more then 75 % of schools gyms is equipped with unsatisfactory flooring. In most of cases, flooring is laid as wooden parquet on adhesive subbase. Such composition of flooring is inappropriate for school sport in terms of health and current European standards for these objects.


We offer 2 solutions

There are two possibilities how to arrange new flooring after removal of old parquets which are laid on adhesive subbase directly on concrete.

Alternative A – is adjustment of surface by self-leveling non – contact screed of minimal thickness 30 mm. Screed is poured on the film and is self-supporting. CONIPUR HG FL of thickness 8 mm is applied on such poured surface.

Alternative B – after removal of old parquets, there will be placed a grate SIGLEFLEX ATHLETIC with construction thickness 68 mm – ended by OSB board. Then CONIPUR HG FL of thickness 6 mm is applied.

1. Grate SINGLEFLEX ATHLETIC thickness 68 mm
We recommend dual suspension grid ended by OSD board. Grate is helpful both to remove roughness of old surface after old parquets and to achieve base for flexible flooring.

2. Flooring – Polyurethane system CONIPUR HG FL
This flooring is applied in thickness 8 mm as screed on concrete or in thickness 6 mm on grate with OSB board. Grate is ended with minimally 16 mm OSB board on which PU flooring CONIPUR HG FL is applied in chosen colors and total thickness 6 mm. CONIPUR HG FL is applied on 4 mm rubber pad.
– Top floor water base varnish – CONIPUR 3200W
– Used materials fulfill requirements AgBB
– Flame resistant – class B – s1 according standard EN 13501 – 1

Surface is applied compactly – without joints, layer on layer to meet ale requirements for example color breakdown of individual areas and relationship to environment. Polyurethane surfaces are designed as multifunctional – football, handball, basketball, badminton, aerobic, and are resistant against wheels and hockey sticks. Areas are often used for exhibitions, dance and other social meetings so surface has vide range of use. System provides perfect parameters of thermo protection, insulation, resistance against destruction and overuse, reduction of noise level, floor safety, flexibility, compactness without joints and easy maintenance. All parameters are regularly tested and controlled in laboratories. They meet all important valid international standards – DIN 18022 art. 2, EN 14904 and certification IHF, FIBA and others international sport federations.

3. Lining – basic linning for basketball, volleyball etc.
4. Molding