We cooperate with company CourtTech – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of squash courts. World-beating engineered squash court wall system provides a perfect ball bounce and the wall construction absorbs impact and vibration. The special tongue and groove connection between panels guarantees durability and the final wall-coating provides a smooth, joint-free playing surface for all climatic conditions, suitable for all humidity levels. In contrast to other court suppliers we provide a 10 year warranty on wall construction and 5 years on all other court elements, regardless of humidity level. Our product portfolio ranges from recreational to professional tournament courts, including multi-function courts with movable side walls.
Professional squash players all over the world endorse CourtTech courts and praise the excellent playing characteristics of this new wall system.

Basic characteristics:

• durability in the most economical way
• perfect playing characteristics – sand filled CT walls provide a perfect ball bounce and wall construction absorbs impact and vibration.
• completely smooth, flat and joint-free playing surface – provides excellent shock absorption, resilience and ball response. It absorbs impact energy, safeguarding the health and fitness of your customers by helping prevent damage to knees, ankles and lower backs.
• complete acoustic sound insulation – CT System Walls prevent vibration transmission to other parts of the building. This is an important consideration in hotels, offices and
residential buildings where squash courts may be located in a central area.
• range of colours to suit your choice (we recommend the use of pastel colours to give your courts a welcoming and light appearance, and to ensure ball visibility).

Court types:

CT LEISURE Court – The economical solution
CT CLUB Court – The classic model
CT PRO Court – Fulfills the highest professional standards
CT FLEXI Court – One court for unlimited activities
CT GLASS Court – Provides the best possible viewing experience for spectators
CT Renovation Wall – A tough and durable solution for problem walls


Court specifications:

Two different types of wall (possible to combine both of these)
– 94 mm thick CT System Wall is completely free-standing and no supporting masonry walls are necessary
– 40 mm thick CT Half System Wall is made of the same material as the CT System Wall, however it is fixed to existing masonry or concrete walls
– possibility of movable walls
Glass back wall
– either frames or glass fins, basically frame glass back walls are the most popular solution due to their lower installation space and their stable construction.

Squash court floors
– should be constructed of a light coloured hard wood to comply with World Squash Federation requirements. For player comfort and safety the flooring should be fully sprung in accordance with the latest European Performance Standards EN14904:2006.

Squash lighting
– the minimum lighting level according to the WSF is 300 lux
– the favourite lighting level is 500 lux