Sport Surfaces

Main advantages of our surfaces

  • High quality systems of artificial grass
  • Wide choice from standard and specific turfs
  • Cooperation with high respected producers involved in research and development
  • Patented technologies used in prestigious international events and competitions also recommended by international standards
  • Innovative approaches to technological solutions of construction and maintenance
  • Many years of experience and many satisfied customers speak for itself


First implemented pitches by our company were mostly tennis ones. Cooperation with Slovak Tennis Union (STZ), realization of surfaces for tennis exhibitions, tennis events like DAVIS CUP, FED CUP, tennis tournament of series WTA and ITF annually organized by Slovak Tennis Union, more than 200 realized private tennis and multipurpose pitches this is what makes us undoubtedly most experienced supplier and constructor of tennis and other sport surfaces as well. READ MORE

Nowadays, the latest generation of artificial turfs reaches qualities and characteristic of natural grass and in addition has advantage of all year use, even in extreme weather conditions. Thanks to exclusive partners with years of production experience we are able to offer you products for football which are manufactured according world famous footballers requirements and meet all important standards like ball roll, reflection, vertical, rotational resistance linear friction and absorption of impact. READ MORE

Multi-purpose pitches
In recent years M.Cup as devoted its attention to construction of multi- purpose pitches. This project has been created with cooperation of Slovak Football Association and government authorities to revival and enforces sport spirit of all age groups. After success of this project Government of Slovak Republic continues to build multi- purpose pitches in schools and public places across the country. READ MORE

Artificial surfaces based on bound rubber crushes are inevitable part of athletic stadium nowadays. We cooperate with company CONICA and supplier of rubber granules GEZOLAN AG (Swiss) by construction of projects. The result of partnership is product meeting standards of International Athletic Federation (IAAF). READ MORE

Surfaces for gyms and halls
Elastic, slipp resistant, fire resistant, moisture resistant polyurethane surface provides multi – purpose use and requires simple maintenance. It is suitable for schools, sport clubs, municipalities and have sport and socio – cultural use as well. READ MORE

M.Cup offers a complete variety of performance turf products for golf – putting greens, forgreens and fairway grass for golf courses, tee grass for driving range, driving mats, practice putting greens for home owners, golf simulator systems, installation of adventure golf, miniatur golf and commercial indoor golf. READ MORE

We cooperate with company CourtTech – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of squash courts. World-beating engineered squash court wall system provides a perfect ball bounce and the wall construction absorbs impact and vibration. The special tongue and groove connection between panels guarantees durability and the final wall-coating provides a smooth, joint-free playing surface for all climatic conditions, suitable for all humidity levels. In contrast to other court suppliers we provide a 10 year warranty on wall construction and 5 years on all other court elements, regardless of humidity level. Our product portfolio ranges from recreational to professional tournament courts, including multi-function courts with movable side walls. Professional squash players all over the world endorse CourtTech courts and praise the excellent playing characteristics of this new wall system. READ MORE

We offer solutions for badminton surfaces. Our surfaces provide highest comfort for players, provide best prevention against injuries of players and firm subbase under feet and maximal game pleasure. READ MORE

Hockeyball requires perfectly flat and bouncy surface to not influence direction of ball. Artificial grass for hockeyball has been approved for common and professional events and competitions. It has to meet criteria of International Hockeyball Federation (FIH). READ MORE

Modular Flooring

Temporary flooring products and modular ground protection systems. Modular flooring systems consist of inter-locking protective panels which are installed as temporary flooring and are the perfect choice for social events of large crowds. These systems are recommended to be installed on grass, sand, synthetic turf, tracks, asphalt, and a variety of other sensitive and uneven surfaces. Its specialized design permits rapid deployment and disassembly, making this modular flooring system ideal for time sensitive events.

Ideal for any type of facility, from stadiums and ice arenas to tents and trade shows. This flooring system is also the perfect solution for social gatherings taking place in outdoor settings such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events, concerts, music events, community events, festivals, etc.

The protective panels are made of durable plastic material which stand touch against heavy foot traffic, secures sport surfaces, while providing a safer flooring solution.

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Sports equipment and production
Company M.Cup s.r.o. is also producer and seller of vide variety of sport gears and equipment. From our offer you can choose for example: Company M.Cup s.r.o. is also producer and seller of vide variety of sport gears and equipment. From our offer you can choose for example:

• Accessories for all types of sports

• Lighting for sport facilities

• Fencing systems


Decorative Artificial Turf
We offer artificial grass for gardens, patios, roof terraces, rooftops, pool areas, barbecue areas, golf putting greens, outdoor living spaces (front yards and back yards), commercial areas, event flooring, and children playgrounds. Vide variety of products meeting European standards in terms of hygiene and safety. Products are eco – friendly and harmless to animals, people and their big advantage is easy recyclation. READ MORE