Performance Golf Turf

M.Cup offers a complete variety of performance turf products for golf – putting greens, forgreens and fairway grass for golf courses, tee grass for driving range, driving mats, practice putting greens for home owners, golf simulator systems, installation of adventure golf, miniatur golf and commercial indoor golf.

Artificial Turf for Golf

M.Cup in cooperation with prestigious golf professionals from Scandinavia and the Netherlands provide an innovative installations of synthetic turf product for golf.

A golf course with no requirement for either water, sun, fertilizer, aeration, or cutting is a facility for the future. This is proven to be the most low maintenance and cost effective solution available for golf and always green. Artificial grass can be placed on virtually any type of surface, indoors or outdoors. This is a unique product specifically developed for the golf sport.

We can offer facilities such as, golf greens, indoor golf, winter tees, short course, training aids, sports facilities, lawns, golf teaching studios, walkways right thru to a full golf course design and installation, adventure golf solutions and mini golf.

Golf projects go much farther than private garden greens and miniature golf courses in amusement parks or cruise ships. The golfing public is rapidly expanding, both on professional and amateur levels, resulting not also in a need for extra 18-hole classic golf courses, but also for the smaller 6 and 9-hole initiatives, for which artificial grass proves to be an excellent alternative.

Every club wants to know something about return on investment: what are the things these systems can save one and what can be extra revenues?

Less Maintenance:

  • Less labor
  • Less wages
  • Less machinery
  • Less chemicals and fertilizers

Longer Season:

  • Increase on green fee sales
  • Increase on food and drink sales

For additional information, download the M.Cup Golf Leaflet. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Golf Greens for Home Owners

We offer an extensive range of products and services for homeowners to enjoy whether this is indoor or outdoor private putting green or even a complete lawn for the front and back gardens.

Artificial putting greens are probably the most desirable training aid for any golfer, helping to improve the game without ever having to leave your own home.



Golf Courses and Ranges

We offer an professional turf products for golf clubs to fully enhance the course facilities – Short golf courses can introduce new golfers to the game; Mini Golf utilizes spare land; Synthetic putting greens provide an excellent practice area all year round.

Winter tees driving mats and artificial greens allow your course to stay open all year round. The most commonly used area of any golf course is The Tee where rapid wear is experienced and the bain of every green keepers daily workload. Our Tee Grass turns this maintenance into history and following installation, all year round play can be achieved without any wear and tear.

Target greens for something to aim. Pathways are a practical feature all of the above are available to enhance the golfing experience for your members whilst giving you a low maintenance solution.


Adventure Golf

New leisure parks are being developed and here Adventure Golf becomes very popular. Adventure golf is in size between full size golf course and mini golf. It is great for practicing putting and the short game.

Mini Golf

Mini golf courses or Miniaturgolf, Hobby golf, Adventure golf, Crazy golf, Garden golf, and also PIT – PAT golf. These types of parks are particular favorite for family activities, where the full family can enjoy a day out or even groups of parties. The design of a course has a direct impact on your costs and profitability, it can be low maintenance and suitable for all weather providing a high return on investment. Mini golf works as a leisure attraction as it is genuinely a fun and quality leisure activity where the market is truly for everyone and is affordable to play.


Golf Simulator

Golf simulator enables to play golf in interior conditions independently of exterior weather condition but these conditions has impact on the game itself. That is why golf simulator gives players choice to customize parameters way that can simulate maximally the game on classic golf playground.