Nowadays, the latest generation of artificial turfs reaches qualities and characteristic of natural grass and in addition has advantage of all year use, even in extreme weather conditions. Thanks to exclusive partners with years of production experience we are able to offer you products for football which are manufactured according world famous footballers requirements and meet all important standards like ball roll, reflection, vertical, rotational resistance linear friction and absorption of impact.

Except of silica sand we offer also as a filament:
• Black granules of technical rubber based on EPDM
• catalytic oxidation colored green and brown EPDM granules
• EPDM granules brown and green (repaint in the mass)
• GEO powder (a mixture of cork, rubber granules and natural milled fibers)

All filling materials have required hygiene tests.

Fiber types


+ dynamic characteristic
+ rubber granules do not leap of turf
– less durability against deterioration of surface


+ high durability against deterioration of surface
+ better compression of sand filament
– fiber can be more easily laid down


original products which combine all advantages of fibrillated and monofilament fiber and creates unique surface for football.



New fiber for football

V Shape is a type of fiber in shape of letter V ensuring durability, resistance and

behavior of material is the same like natural grass with perfect preferences for good game.

Certification of football pitch according FIFA

Pitch requirements:

Surface slope for pitch FIFA* : 0 -10 mm for pitch FIFA** : 0 -10 mm
Bounce of a Ball for pitch FIFA* : 0.6 – 1.0 m for pitch FIFA** : 0.6 -0.85 m text
Distance of ball roll for pitchFIFA* : 4 – 10 m for pitch FIFA** : 4 – 8 m


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