Sports equipment and production

Company M.Cup s.r.o. is also producer and seller of vide variety of sport gears and equipment. From our offer you can choose for example:

  • Accessories for all types of sports
  • Lighting for sport facilities
  • Fencing systems

We provide all necessary recreation or professional sport equipment for every built sport surface. In addition to regular equipment like goals, basketball cases, tennis or volleyball nets, we offer fully certified lighting systems, barrier systems or different types of fencing. We also provide features like small exterior or interior furniture (benches, chairs etc.)
In short: for every project we can satisfy your wishes with complete equipment supply so you will not have lack of anything.

Sport accessories

We are able to provide accessories to your sport facilities according your requests

Choice of fencing

Choices: barrier system, net- fencing, wire netting or their combinations


We provide lighting of your sport pitch according your wishes.