Sport Stadium Seating

Supply and installation of seats and detachable tribunes for stadiums and clubs for sport halls, multifunctional space, leisure facilities, sport centers, and all sports arenas.

Suitable for:

Indoor applications – sport halls, gym areas, swimming pools, sports facilities, VIP areas
Outdoor applications – stadiums, athletic, football pitches, multi sport facilities
The seats are assembled directly into the concrete surface or into the steel structure depending on the type of surface and client requirements.

We offer a tip-up folding seats or sports fixed seats in the design of various materials such as wood, plastic or metal in different colors with high or low backrest. According to the individual customer, we offer seats satisfying the condition of FIFA, UEFA.

Telescopic bleachers

Variable solution to use internal or external space sports halls, stadiums and multifunctional rooms. Rapid decomposition, operated either manually using hand trucks or automatically by an electric motor, can be customized according to requirements.